Manufacturer of Quoral Barrier Resins 
+ Quoral BR is BP Polymer's unique and proprietary barrier resin, patent pending, additive to high density polyethylene (HDPE) that utilizes laminate technology thereby creating 'Baritainer' (cf. Technology).

+ Quoral BR is based on special grades of Polyamide (PA) 6.

+ Through use of an adapted adhesive, optimal adhesion with PE is guaranteed.

+ Quoral is a dry blend which is adapted to the container type and size to be produced in order to optimize adhesion between the PA and the PE matrix.

+ Customized and proprietary manufacturing processing techniques are necessary to ensure optimal barrier performance in Barrier Plastics' Baritainers. 

+ The result is a laminar microstructure in which the Quoral BR forms stacks of large overlapping platelets or discontinuous layers within the Baritainer wall, that limit permeation by creating a 'tortuous path' for large chain molecules attempting to diffuse through the HDPE walls into the atmosphere. 

+ Standard Grades:
* Quoral BR 70 = for containers < 5 Liters.
    * Quoral BR 50 = for containers > 5 Liters.

+ With the same processing conditions, the amount of barrier can be adapted by the amount of Quoral BR added.

+ In comparison with HDPE, Quoral is:
    * Hydrocarbons (solvents) 100 times more efficacious.
     * Excellent aroma barrier.
     * 2x to 5x improvement in O2 barrier performance.

+ Properties of HDPE remain unchanged:
    * Printability
    * Mechanical Properties
    * Colorants
    * UV Additive
    * Seal Properties
    * Anti-Static Additive
    * Fire Retardant Additive
    * Recyclability


+ Quoral BR Spec Sheet
+ Quoral SDS
+ Quoral FDA Compliance Letter
+ Quoral EC Compliance Certificate
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