Manufacturer of Quoral Barrier Resins 


BP Polymers (BPP) is the sole North American manufacturer of Quoral Barrier Resins®(BR).  Quoral BR is a nylon based additive used in the manufacturing of Baritainers.  Baritainers are high density polyethylene containers manufactured by our sister company, Barrier Plastics, and they are a revolutionary new way of packaging and transporting liquid chemicals that have proven difficult to contain and require either fluorinated high density polyethylene (HDPE) containers or metal packaging.

Because Baritainers® possess barrier properties there is no need for further post-manufacturing treatment such as fluorination.  Carbon footprint is reduced since additional transportation for treatment of HDPE is eliminated.  And the planet is made safer with the reduction in use of toxic fluorine gas. 

Baritainers® do not panel, do not distort and do not lose product.  They prevent chemical permeation, weight loss, odor emission and flavor or fragrance loss because Quoral® (pat. pend.) acts as a barrier resin (BR) preventing the diffusion and loss of weight that occurs when hydrocarbons migrate into the atmosphere.
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